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    a) institutional affiliation
    I am a PhD researcher in Sociology at University Complutense of Madriid, at Department of Sociology of Education
    b) training background
    In 2006 I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at Universitá degli studi di Napoli Federico II and in 2008 I held a Master Degree in International Economy and Development at University Complutense of Madrid. In 2017 I finish my PhD theis at Politics Science and Sociology at Complutense University of Madrid. Between 2010 and 2014 I obtained a fellowship at Catedra UNESCO de gestion y politica universitaria at Polytechnics University of Madrid in which I investigated issued about higher education European policies and the knowledge society with special attention to connection between innovation, education and research (Triple Helix System) Etzkowitz (1993).
    c) main themes of investigation of each participant
    My main research topics are about higher education, internationalization and bilingualism in academic contexts. My thesis entitled “The internationalization of teaching in higher education: the case of the Complutense University” is an analysis of the implementation of bilingual education in English (Spanish as a medium of instruction, EMI) in the faculties of the UCM. To realize the objectives of my research, I analyzed the methodological and linguistic training the Institution offers for it, through personal interviews with the head of international affairs of the faculties (Dean and Vice-Dean of International Relations) and an online questionnaire. directed to the personnel of the UCM (teachers, students and administrative personnel). In the theoretical framework of my research I have made a documentary analysis of the development of the concept of internationalization in higher education according to its major exponents and an analysis of multiligism in the framework of European policies and in the reports of the European Commission.
    d) a paper intended to write
    I am very interested in writing a paper about the use of English in universities (English as a Medium of Instruction, EMI) and its consequences in linguistic and cultural framework of academic contexts. I would also be interested in deepening the concept of internationalization of higher education in other European and extra-European educational systems and I am open to a multidisciplinary and multilingual approach with other colleagues belonging from other country and disciplines.
    e) the starting knowledge-base (empirical materials, theory, methodology, etc.)
    Mainly qualitative and quantitative research methods and documentary analysis.
    f) the knowledge needed to complete the paper.
    Best practice about internationalization and bilingualism in university for a comparison with other country.

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