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Aims and scope

SUSEES is a Summer School in European Education Studies held at the Department of Social Sciences of the University Federico II and open to 20 emerging researchers from the host institution and all across Europe who intend to consolidate their expertise in studying education policies, practices and outcomes assuming the European dimension as the privileged point of observation.
SUSEES promotes innovation in teaching and research, fostering the adoption of a EU-angle in the field of educational research, and acts as a laboratory for emergent researchers to develop interdisciplinary thinking and research about the process of Europeanisation in and through education.

The objectives of SUSEES are to:

  1. promote excellence and innovation in multidisciplinary teaching and research in EU education studies through the adoption of an EU-angle in the field of educational research;
  2. act as a laboratory for emerging researchers to develop thinking and researching about Europeanisation in education and its key dimensions, the role played by the EU and the ongoing formation of a European Education Space;
  3. contribute to the creation of a new generation of educational researchers whose work will raise the awareness about the EU role in education and the impact of the European integration process in education.

Participants will be involved in a 5 days and 40 hours module where every year, and for three editions, renowned scholars from the field of educational research will be asked to present and discuss specific theories and related methodological developments and demonstrate how these are used in their own work on Europeanisation. The resulting dialogic and dynamic environment will provide participants with new insights on the potentials of the theoretical and methodological resources in producing new research questions on Europeanisation of education.

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