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Evaluation of 2017 SUSEES Edition

We are strongly committed to increase the quality of the project, paying attention to the outcomes of the teaching activities and the learning achievements of the participants to SUSEES.
The academic coordinator of SUSEES will publish each year on this website a report on the outcome of the project, looking at the following issues:

1) the preparation, and the delivery of the SUSEES edition (indicators of achievement: the timing of the preparation, the quality of the location, and of the equipment; the quality of teaching, the quality of the social programme)

2) the publication and dissemination of the results of academic research on the process of Europeanisation of education (indicators of achievement: regular information on the academic research on Europeanisation of education on the SUSEES website; increase of percentages of MOOC users)

3) the establishment of a community of prominent and emerging researchers coming from diverse EU countries (indicators of achievement: start up, and consolidation of Alumni community through the most popular social networks; presence of emergent researchers from diverse EU countries);

4) the construction of a research expertise for academic career and professional work (indicators of achievement: increase in the positive grade of lecturers on scientific expertise, and increase in submission of paper to be reviewed, see the following paragraphs).
To help us in this process, please leave here your comments on SUSEES as attendant and/or as website user. Thank you very much in advance.

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