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SUSEES is also a MOOC! Through the MOOC, researchers, teachers, students and professionals can benefit on a open source basis of the lectures, the readings and the didactic materials proposed by SUSEES lecturers. The aim of the MOOC is to contribute to the establishment of an international and interdisciplinary community of researchers who are interested in adopting a EU-angle in the study of education policy, practice and outcomes.

SUSEES MOOC Learning objectives

During each edition of SUSEES renown scholars give lectures, presenting the way they use particular theories and approaches. The scope of the lectures is to provide participants with new insights on the potentials of those theoretical resources in producing new research questions in studying the European dimension of education.

The focus on the European dimension is particularly relevant in our view because of the significant path dependency in educational research that produces a shared adherence to different forms of ‘methodological nationalism’ i.e. research strategies which assume the national space as the privileged point of observation and unit of analysis in studying education policy, practices and even outcomes. Although we recognize the relevance of the national dimension, it is nowadays crucial to take into account the multiple interactions, mediations and translations occurring between the European Education Space, its policies and dynamics, global policy processes, national policy-making and the implications that all of this has for educational practices and outcomes at the ‘local’ level, and for how we understand education and learning in Europe.


Participants are:

– involved in an innovative and ground breaking learning environment where leading scholars from the field will discuss how they use theories and methods in their research and writing.

– provided with insights on the potential of these resources in producing new research questions and can benefit of a dynamic and cooperative environment, with a particular focus on drawing in interdisciplinary references to support the growth of analysis in the education field.

SUSEES was a MOOC also in 2016, when it was hosted by University of Naples Federico II EMMA platform.

For further information, see the EMMA webpage.
The 2016 SUSEES MOOC was an Online Summer School in Sociologies of Education open to scholars and students from all across the world.

The faculty of the 2016 SUSEES MOOC was composed by renowned scholars from all across Europe. Lectures were given by Stephen J. Ball, Sotiria Grek, Paolo Landri, Romuald Normand, Terri Seddon, Roberto Serpieri and Pat Thomson.


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