Federico IIErasmus


A multidisciplinary staff and a plural design strategy
An intensive and dialogic learning environment with a strong commitment to innovation

Every year, renowned scholars will be asked to give lectures, presenting the way they use particular theories and approaches. The scope of the lectures will be to provide participants with new insights on the potentials of those theoretical resources in producing new research questions in studying the European dimension of education.

In order to make the lectures interactive, scholars will provide in advance a syllabus via the SUSSES website in order to enable participants to become familiar with the approach they propose.

The lectures will be followed by work sessions:

  1. a) a laboratory for research imagination on European education where participants will be divided in three groups, and asked to elaborate with the help of three tutors from the teaching staff on the approaches presented in the lectures by producing a conceptual map that link theoretical resources with research questions;
  2. b) a feedback session with the lecturers, the academic coordinator and two members of the key staff as discussants.

Participants will also benefit from a capacity-building seminar on ‘academic writing’, and from the continuous support of experienced mentors.

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