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    Arianna Montemurro

    Institutional affiliation
    I am a third year PhD student in Social Sciences – European perspectives at the University of Strasbourg, laboratory SAGE (Società, Acteurs, Gouvernment en Europe.

    Training background
    I have attended my bachelor degree at the University of La Sapienza in Roma in Public and organisational communication and my master degree in Business communication and organisational strategies with a thesis in Institutional relationships about the Italian interest groups in the European institutions.

    Main themes of investigation
    My research is focused on the policy actors that try to ‘influence’ the European policy making in the field of education through different instruments of actions such as communication flows, financial resources and construction of relationships with the European institutions’ members. More precisely, my investigation is focused on the interest groups that have emerged in the European policy space in the last decades after the implementation of measures, such as the Single European Act, that have allowed the creation of a more partecipated arena of discussion of the different opinions in fields that were before under the exclusive control of the centralized state. The study regards, in particular, the entrance in the education field of social entrepreneurs, charities and philanthropic organisations, that try to sustain educational agencies with different projects such as academies programs and specialist schools, really entering in a field that is not, any more, a state domain.

    The paper I intended to write
    I am very interested in analizing the effects of the new technologies in the field of the childhood education, life-long learning, and in the creation of education agencies based on ICT. I would like to deepen these dynamics so to have a clearer picture of how new actors can shape the European policy making in education thanks to new instruments of action.

    Starting knowledge-base (empirical materials, theory, methodology, etc.)
    The methodology of the research is qualitative based and focused on the documental analysis of the literature in the field of the interest groups in education, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship. It regards, also, the collection of the empirical data through interviews to the members of the interest grups in the field of education, that can be found on the internet and, more in particolar, in the Transparency Register of the European Commission. I am collecting these data and trying to have a final map of the philanthropic actors. The theoretical framework refers to the Europeanization in the field of education, trying to understand to what extent this can be considered a network theory.

    The knowledge needed to complete the paper
    I would like to exchange opinions with colleagues that are interested in the European policy making in education, education philanthropic networks and the digitalization in the field of education. I would also like to interact with someone who is interested in the activities of the DG in education and culture of the European Commission in order to analyse better its plans, such as the Education and Culture 2020 in a framework of active citizenship and enrepreneurship.

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