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Introduction to the European Education Space. A Political Sociology of the European Policy Space in Education

Martin Lawn

The lecture provides, first, a broad introduction to internationalism and transnationalism in European education, using primary documents, and theoretical perspectives, and focussing on the key agencies and actors. Second, using insights from political sociology, and an explanation of its growing distinctiveness as an interpretation of education as a policy area in Europe, the lecture will focus on regulation and knowledge tools, standards, and associations as key building factors.
During the lecture examples drawn from the lecturer’s own works will be picked up in order to make visible the potentials of the proposed approach. Within the 2 hours, an adequate space for questions and debate will be left.

Key texts of the syllabus will be:
Lawn, M., & Normand, R. (Eds.). (2014). Shaping of European Education: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Routledge.
Lawn, M & Grek, S 2012, Europeanizing Education: Governing a New Policy Space. vol. 1, Symposium Books, Oxford
Dale, R., & Robertson, S. (2009). Globalisation and Europeanisation in Education. In Symposium Books. Symposium Books. PO Box 204, Didcot, Oxford, OX11 9ZQ, UK.

The lecture will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the distinctiveness of the European education Space, i.e. of education as a policy area in Europe. In this respect it will be a key milestone in the SUSEES project and its materials will be provided to participants of all the three edition as a frame to be used to understand the potentials of the introduction of a EU-angle in the study of education. Participants will be expected to become able to apply some of the insight discussed on their current research work on a EU-related aspect of education.

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