Federico IIErasmus

MOOC 2019

Paolo Landri – (CNR-IRPPS, IT)

The Fabrication of the European Space of Education

Roberto Serpieri – (University of Napoli ‘Federico II’, IT)

Leading Education in Europe

Martin Lawn – (University of Edinburgh, UK)

The Construction and the Attempted Deconstruction of the European Education Governing Space

Jenny Ozga – (University of Oxford, UK)

Governing Education in Europe-the changing role of knowledge

Emiliano Grimaldi – (University of Napoli ‘Federico II’, IT)

Evaluating Education in Europe

Paolo Landri – (CNR-IRPPS, IT)

Digital Governance of Education in Europe

Helen M. Gunter – (University of Manchester, UK)

An Intellectual History of School Leadership. Practice and Research

Stephen J. Ball – (IoE, University College of London, UK)

The Absurdity of Education Reform: investing in disorder

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